Minimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior Minimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior Minimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 22.04.38 Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 22.05.34 SMinimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior Minimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior Minimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior Minimal_gracia_barcelona_hereclecticinterior

Located in the barrio of Gracia, this 19th century jewel is the perfect result of a great restoration. I like how Circular Studio has respected the historic characteristics of the flat and spatial distribution, adapting to meet the new ways of living and facilitate new technologies.The result has been an expansion of the interior spaces, better lighting and providing a new sense of well-being.

Although some people might feel a dark color palette can make a room look gloomy and smaller, in this case it accents and gives life to the space. Love the homely touches and minimalistic feel.

Special thanks to,

Ivan Serrano
Architect Phd Mba

Georg Kayser

Miguel Yerga from BCNLocations

vague_varabara creative people_her ecletic interior Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 19.28.09 Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 19.27.47

As people say. A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone; it doesn’t struggle to be similar to a rose. It doesn’t have to because it is simply different. The “Vague lamp” blossoms from a family trip, when Fanny found in a Parisian flea-market a very distinct molding from the 20’s inspired in the delicate form of a tulip.

There are only six prototypes of this molding in the world, and you now have the chance to win this unique lamp valued in 140 euros from Varabara Creative People. Follow the widget bellow to participate in our latest giveaway!

“Como dice por ahi, un tulipán no se esfuerza para impresionar a nadie .Y mucho menos lucha para ser similar a una rosa. No tiene que hacerlo porque es simplemente diferente.”The vague lamp” floreció en un viaje familiar a París, cuando Fanny encontró en un mercado de pulgas una moldura peculiar de los años 20 inspirada en la delicada forma de un tulipán.
Sólo existen seis prototipos de este molde en el mundo, y ahora tienes la oportunidad de ganar esta lámpara única valorada en 140 euros creada por Varabara creative people.Sigue el widget para participar en nuestro último sorteo!”

Special thanks to the photographer Lima de Oliveira for the beautiful pictures
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